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Want to Act? Classes with BGT


Juliet has spent 17 years in New York as an actress, performance coach and drama teacher. She is personally endorsed as a teacher by Anne Hathaway’s private acting coach Seth Barrish who Juliet has worked with since meeting him in 1995. Within 6 months of opening her private class here in Auckland, she had three students cast on Shortland St, one of whom was core cast Nurse Emma .


This beginner’s level will focus on audition technique, slates and profiles, intro’s to camera, exercises in awareness of what your neutral being may be communicating to a casting director, basis for good sight reading, tips for memorizing lines, basic improvisations to get you thinking on your feet, different subtext or motivations, rudimentary work on the 4 dynamics of voice. This course is to build awareness, develop flexibility and create confidence.
Tuesdays- 7-pm – 9pm - 6 Week Course , Fee – $300.00 (10 Students only)
Dates -Tuesday 13th May till 17th June (still to be confirmed)

This Intermediate course is for people who have some experience in the industry but want to create more impact and and develop acting skills. The premise- ‘Focus of Attention Away from Yourself is the creative source of acting” This is the basis of Jeremiah Comey’s film acting technique who Juliet worked for in LA as his assistant coach. It is scripted film scenes in pairs. You will be trained to get your focus off yourself on to a partner, and this allows you to start being able to access a greater emotional repertoire which you need as an actor. It also will build confidence once you start to see that your performances are at a level that is industry ready. This is paired scene work. All scenes filmed. Good preparation for developing show reels.
Tuesdays- 7 pm- 9pm- 6 Week Course, Fee $300.00 (10 Students only)
Dates-Tuesday 24th June till 29th July (still to be confirmed)

This has a shift in focus to Monologue work as any trained actor has to know how to work solo and have enough technique to handle solo performance. This is really the test of how much craft you have. Any stage audition will most probably involve a monologue. Since a lot of actors first get attention from their stage work it is necessary to have these skills available to bring to your work. Also a lot of technique now relies on having a scene partner, but to have real confidence you must know how to negotiate solo material for when there is no scene partner and no one to work off. This class develops the actor’s ability to work from the emotional impulse that is generated by text. It develops a set of actor’s “muscles “-which are nothing more than receptivity and sensitivity. Our is an interpretive art, what our response is to material -is what we have to offer- our uniqueness and vitality is what makes up our talent. A new monologue must be prepared and memorized every week for the 6 weeks.

Tuesdays-7-9pm- 6 Week Course, Fee $300.00 (10 students only)

Dates- Tuesday 5th August till 9th September (still to be confirmed)

COST - $300 per course
If you pay for all three levels in advance prior to level 1, then you will receive a complimentary "Megastar" package worth $350 in value FREE of charge. T&Cs apply. For more information on this package please see the link below

Please note that your payment must be made in full and in advance of each course date to secure your place.

VENUE - BGT Offices - Unit B1 6 Ward Street New Lynn

We have limited places on each level of the Acting for Camera Course to ensure a good level of one-on-one attention is provided. So, if you would like to reserve your place, please email and you will be provided with a simple booking form to complete and return along with our bank details to facilitiate your payment by direct credit. An email will be sent to you to confirm your booking once this has been received.