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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between all the various talent packs?

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What do I get out of being with BGT?

Apart from the exciting opportunities in Film and TV in New Zealand (and sometimes abroad too), BGT offers you membership in a tight-knit community of extras. The talent we represent vary in age, ethnicity, background and location. Some people stay with us for one year, others for 10! You are part of the only agency in Australasia to offer a full online booking system.

You also get to be part of an agency that stands out for quality! We treat people well and always have your best interests at heart when booking you onto shoots.


Will my contact details be accessible to anyone?

Your photographs will only be accessible on the internet to Casting Directors who have been allocated with a specific login and password unless you decide to show a public profile. If you do choose to have a public profile, this would mean that Casting Directors who decide to visit our site who are not registered clients would also see your images. Your contact details will only be forwarded to a production once you are confirmed on a job.


What's the pay like?

Extras can earn from anywhere between minimum wage (minus 20% tax and 20% commission plus GST) to $50,000.00 (minus tax and commission) for a day's work. It really just depends on the job and what role you have been cast for. Featured Extras and Actors tend to be looking at the higher end of the scale. Fees that are over $500.00 usually require an audition and basic acting skills.


May I belong to more than one Agency?

We do not accept people who are already signed to another Agency and you may not join another Agency while you are signed to BGT. We pride ourselves on providing you with a high service — meaning we put you on TV — so we do not want to dedicate lots of energy to find you are signed with another agency and competing for the same role, and productions do not appreciate it either if multiple agencies are submitting the same person.


Do I need to pay extra for photos?

Superstars and Rising Stars get a free annual studio shoot included with their profile. (This is for Auckland only, if out of Auckland please email us photos.)


Why do you have only two choices for gender?

We only have two options for gender because typically castings will come through wanting a certain breakdown of male or female talent and we don’t want someone missing out on being submitted because they aren’t in either of those categories. So we ask talent to choose the category that will best fit, similar to the ethnicity option. We are also able to keep a list of all non-binary talent so we can submit them for roles requiring non-binary talent. This way, a non-binary talent has more chances to be put forward to casting. If castings change and we more equally get asked for non-binary talent, then we’ll be able to add non-binary as an option. But we want to give each person the best opportunity to be submitted.


How do you know the best agency to be with?

There are lots of agencies out there offering all sorts of things but here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you join anyone.

1. Where do they have their talent working? 

2. Which production companies use them? 

3. Can you get proof that they are who they say they are?

4. Do they have a website? 

5. Are they in the Databook? 

6. Will they actually get you work or will they rip you off? 

7. Do they belong to The Actors Agents Association of New Zealand? (We do.) 


Which is the best talent agency in Auckland, New Zealand? 

BGT Actors Models and Talent. 
(just being cheeky, but we like to think so)