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Free Trial Auckland

For those in Auckland:

If you have no experience in the film and TV industry, why not apply for our Free Trial Offer to “dip your toes” and see if being a film and TV talent is something you wish to pursue further. You will be represented by BGT for one month, or until you are confirmed in your first role – whichever comes first. It is a no-obligation offer, so if you decide it’s not for you we will archive your profile and you will get paid for your first confirmed role. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The point of the Free Trial is to see if this is something you would like to do, and if you do decide to continue with us at BGT you will then become a Superstar.

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 Auckland Free Trial

1. You must supply us with a headshot and body shot to apply for an Auckland FREE Trial so that we can start thinking about the roles you will be submitted for.

2. When you apply for a FREE trial Auckland via the website you may be prompted to select an appointment from a selection listed. We do NOT offer FREE trial sessions on weekends or public holidays. If you are only available on late nights or weekends then the superstar profile is better for you as you can pick and choose your jobs.

3. FREE trials are offered at our discretion and are a limited time offer. If you are booked and confirmed for a FREE trial session and can no longer attend we require at least 24 hours notice to rebook your FREE trial. If you cancel at short notice or do not turn up for your FREE trial session no further application will be accepted by BGT. 

5. FREE trial appointments are often in a group session environment so, like the film and TV industry, punctuality is vital. Please arrive a little early for your FREE trial session so that your group session can start on time. 

6. You will need to fill in a Free Trial Agreement and an IR330C in order for us to pay you for your work. Auckland talent can do this on the day of their FREE trial appointment at our office. 

For further details please email



Free Trial Offer - Auckland

To claim this offer you must agree to abide to the conditions listed below:

1. After your first role/job you MUST contact us and let us know if you wish to be archived/leave the agency or if you wish to stay and become a talent on our books. You will let us know which talent pack you choose and then you will become an annual member. If you didn’t enjoy your experience - no problem at all we will archive your profile.

2.  If you accept a second job and have not contacted the agency to advise that you do not wish to stay on the books, you will be deemed to have joined and your annual website fee will be deducted from your work.

3.  To be accepted on to a Free Trial you are accepting roles at minimum wage and above (less our agency commission plus GST and withholding tax deductions).

4.  Depending on which Free Trial Offer you are applying for, you must be eligible to work in the city of the Free Trial application within New Zealand and have a current work visa or NZ residency.

5.  You have not been registered previously with Background Talent or BGT.

6.  Once you are confirmed on a role you must be aware you cannot cancel your commitment and if you do cancel and do not provide the minimum amount of notice being 2 full business days, the trial offer then becomes null and void and a no-show fee may be applied to you. If you cancel your shoot at short notice for genuine reasons due to accident, illness or emergency you MUST phone the booker to explain the situation and provide evidence EG a medical certificate, Police report or hospital records to avoid incurring a no show fee. A no show fee is:$50, OR the money we would have earned had you completed your role (plus booking fees and any costs caused by you not being available including, but not limited to, the booker’s time to confirm a replacement talent for the shoot, travel costs, wardrobe fittings, costume costs etc.), whichever the greater.

7.  You must not already be signed to another agency – we are an exclusive agency.

8.  You must have your own transport or be able to obtain reliable transport to your shoots and be there in plenty of time as public transport is not always reliable.

9.  You are aged 18 years or over.

10. You must abide by our confidentiality terms as follows: 

10.1 You will not directly or indirectly make any record of or use or disclose to anyone (including, but not limited to, social networking platforms such as Facebook) and will try to prevent the publication or disclosure of anything whatsoever concerning our business, affairs, property or other activities of ours, our clients or anyone associated with us, unless you need to do so to properly perform your duties under this agreement. This restriction will continue to apply in perpetuity, but excludes information that comes into the public domain without you breaching this agreement.

10.2 Without limiting the generality of the above publication and disclosure restriction, it applies to anything that may come to your attention including:

10.3 Neither you nor we may refer to the terms of this agreement in any advertising, publicity or promotional material without the prior consent of the other party once you have signed this agreement or clicked to accept it online.

11. You agree to pay:

Disclaimer: This offer is subject to being accepted by BGT, which is at our sole discretion and may mean your application may be rejected.  Once you are confirmed in your first role your trial period will expire upon which we you must contact us to let us know whether you want your profile to be archived or whether you wish to join the agency on an annual basis.



Role rates vary and are dependent on the production's budget and the role you play. The average is $250 gross per day and the minimum rate is minimum wage.

Please remember that we deduct 20% withholding tax for Inland Revenue and also our 20% commission plus GST, so that we can make some money too. We only make money when our talent are working.

Depending on which Free Trial offer you are applying for, you must be eligible and available to work in the New Zealand city of the Free Trial application and have a current work visa or NZ residency.


We look forward to receiving your FREE trial application and working with you soon!


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