TV3 comedian Ben Boyce has pleaded guilty to charges relating to an airport stunt. Photo / NZ Herald

TV3 comedian Ben Boyce has pleaded guilty to charges relating to an airport stunt. Photo / NZ Herald

A TV3 comedian has kept an airport stunt that went wrong from sullying his record.

Pulp Sport star Ben Boyce was filming an episode for a new series of Wanna-Ben last September when a skit involving someone dressed in a fake pilot's uniform at Auckland Airport turned serious.

Six men from the show - Boyce, Bryce Casey, Andrew Robinson, Daniel Watkins, Craig O'Reilly and Gregory Clarke - were arrested and charged under the Civil Aviation Act for providing false information in an attempt to gain access to a secure area.

Boyce was discharged without conviction when he appeared in Manukau District Court this morning.

He was told in May that if he paid the police $2000 reparation for their investigation and completed 75 hours community work then he could keep his record clean.

APNZ was prevented from reporting that at the time because it was delivered in a sentence indication hearing and those hearings must remain secret until after sentencing.

At the hearing in May, Judge Gus Andree Wiltens said the charge was serious and carried a maximum sentence of 12 months in prison or a fine of $10,000.

He said the timing of the event was also a concern because New Zealand was hosting the Rugby World Cup at the time.

"All eyes were on New Zealand at the time to see if there were security issues.''

He said the incident was intended as a joke but added: "I don't think anyone sees it as that way today''.

Judge Andree Wiltens said it was Boyce and his producer Robinson who told others what to do and asked them to pay the bulk of the police and Civil Aviation Authority's costs.

He gave the discharge without conviction because Boyce and others were in the entertainment industry and recording a conviction against their name could affect their ability to travel.

Judge Andree Wiltens told Casey to complete 40 hours of community service and pay $1000 towards the police costs.

He ordered Clarke, O'Reilly and Watkins to pay police $250 for the costs of their prosecution and also discharged them without conviction, meaning their criminal records will also stay clean.

Police Sergeant Mike Morgan also asked for the footage to be destroyed.

Judge Andree Wiltens agreed to making the order and said the footage ``shows an ill-conceived [plan] to do something which backfired''.


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