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Feedback from First Time on Set

First time on set? Read this wonderful feedback from one of our newbies:

“Could you pass my sincere thanks to the director of the job for selecting me and giving me a wonderful and great experience. It was fun too. That was my first shot in NZ and I can't forget it for my entire life ahead.


I really appreciate the brilliance and skill of the director. I never had any clue until last minute whether I will be selected or not and had no idea what I was going to do. Without any prior information and without any warning the director made me to act. I wasn't really acting, just lived doing what he suggested me to do  with the costumes on  for that short period of time.


I think my entry to the shooting world in NZ is so marvelous and memorable. I am still in the hangover of that experience and I want to keep a bit of that forever. I was in a different world during shooting and even after for some period of time.  I couldn't really pick words to describe my experience  when they interviewed me after the shoot.


Director and other crew said, they liked my performance. That is a boost to my confidence to move on in acting field if I get more opportunities. Once again Thanks to all who made it happen for me.”