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For Adults: To Be or Not? A Guide to Auditioning

To Be or Not?

A Guide to Auditioning.

For Adults: Saturday the 11th of February.

A two hour workshop aimed at providing you with information and tools to help you audition confidently. Not only will you discover tips to help your performance in auditions, but also gain a better understanding of what casting directors are looking for.

Linda McFetridge works as a Casting Director for Catch Casting. She has over 15yrs experience in the film industry ranging from Casting, and Acting, through to Choreography, Stunt Performing, Directing and Producing. Having such a broad experience within the industry allows Linda to talk from the point of view of the performer as well as that of those directing and working with performers, giving you an honest account of how it really works.

This Workshop will:

  • take you through the casting and audition process,

  • outline what is expected of actors when they come in for an audition,

  • give an insight into the casting directors perspective

  • dispel common myths

  • to provide answers to your questions about auditioning and what you

    can do to give a better performance in your audition.

  • work with the camera so you can see what works and what doesn’t.

Fee: $75

For more information, contact BGT at about this external workshop.

For Adults: To Be or Not? A Guide to Auditioning