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Get that $5000 audition - classes with Paul Norell

Get that $5000 audition - Actors classes filling fast - 6 places left


If you want to upskill your acting abilities in a small group environment with a seasoned actor and experienced acting coach, then this is the course for you! 

The three courses are designed to give participants a comprehensive understanding of the skills required to deliver an on-camera performance with professionalism and confidence. Short courses are an ideal and affordable way to take your craft to the next level and to increase your chances of being booked after an audition.


 $300 for 6 weeks (one 2.5 hour session per week for 6 weeks)

ONLY 8 SPACES AVAILABLE. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. Once we have 8 students we will confirm the class.

We have two start dates: ( We are filling up Mondays first - we have 6 places left on this course
7pm Mondays commencing 4th April and then every Monday for 6 weeks. 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, 2nd May, 9th May.

Actors learn the basics of the actor's craft through exercises designed to develop technical skill and confidence which will be invaluable in auditions. All work is recorded on camera, facilitating feedback from the tutor and fellow actors.

1. Introduction to the basics of acting and reacting. Awareness of self and other actors. Basic improvisation skills. 
2. Understanding the actor's goals and objectives when delivering a performance. Saying 'yes' to other actors. 
3. Preparing for an audition. Audition protocol. Being confident in the audition. Getting feedback from an audition. 
4. Presentation and promotion: understanding the motivation behind commercials. Learn how to promote the self, others, ideas and products', using actual commercial scripts. 
5. Spontaneity in performance. Presenting unprepared topics with clarity and confidence. Learn a commercial script ready to deliver under audition conditions. 
6. Presentation of commercial scripts under audition conditions. Playback and feedback from tutor and fellow actors.


 $360 for 6 weeks (one 2.5 hour session per week for 6 weeks)

7pm Mondays commencing 16th May and then every Monday for 6 weeks. 16th May, 23rd May, 30th May, 6th June, 13th, 20th.

Actors learn to understand the role of the camera in performance, the skills required to interpret and deliver a variety of drama scripts, understanding the principles of motivation, objectives and conflict. As with the introductory course, all work is recorded on camera for the purpose of constructive criticism.

1. Introduction to the basics of acting with 'objective and motivation'. 2. Understanding the principles of 'conflict' and 'sub-text' in drama. 3. Learning the difference between 'stage acting' and 'camera acting'.Understanding the role of the camera in performance, how to relate to the camera, differentiating between 'mid-shot' and close-ups performance. 4. Script interpretation. The fundamentals of developing character. How to prepare a script thoroughly before an audition. 5. Work-shopping a drama script. Working with the 'reader'. Understanding and responding to a casting directors feedback. Learning to change your performance as directed. 6. Presentation of drama scripts under audition conditions. Playback and feedback from tutor and fellow actors.


$420 for 6 weeks (one 2.5 hour session per week for 6 weeks)

The advanced course takes the form of a series of audition workshops in which actors explore a variety of scripts, both dialogue and monologue. Actors will get practice in auditioning regularly scripts they have prepared the previous week and will also be introduced to the monologue.

1. The first session will be devoted to understanding the principles of the monologue. Exercises will introduce the concept in a simple, yet effective way. 2. Actors will workshop and perform a monologue on camera. Playback will allow constructive criticism from the tutor and fellow actors. 3. Audition Workshop I: Actors deliver a prepared monologue under audition conditions, with feedback and criticism. 4. Audition Workshop II: Presentation of scripted dialogue. 5. Audition Workshop III: Presentation of scripted dialogue. 6. Audition Workshop IV: Presentation of scripted dialogue.

THE TUTOR - Paul Norell

Paul Norell has been an actor and teacher of drama for over thirty years and, for five years, was co-director of ACTION WORKSHOPS, a joint casting/audition tuition agency based in Auckland, auditioning actors for commercials as well as TV dramas such as Street Legal and Orange Roughies.

Paul has extensive stage acting experience, both at amateur and professional level, and has appeared in featured roles in many TV series, including Shortland StreetMercy PeakHercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess.

Paul is best known in New Zealand and overseas for his role as the King of the Dead in Lord of the Rings The Return of the King.

Paul has worked with BGT actors for over 5 years and currently tutors private students in camera audition techniques. 



If you wish to secure your place please deposit $300 for Level One into our business account 12-3045-0566941-00. Once we have 8 students we will confirm the class.


When you have paid please email with your name. Please note, we are only filling Level One at this stage.


Hi Paul, at the end of level one, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. 
This course was exactly what I expected, that is, a very thorough introduction to camera work. I had never had any real insight into what a filmed audition was, but now I feel it won't be a brand new frightening experience would I be called for a real one some day.

I appreciated your patience and your kindness in front of our hesitations and beginners' mistakes and approximations. You are a real great teacher who always has a nice and encouraging word to everyone and your sense of humour is very welcome when we feel a bit lost and confused in front of the camera monster!

Merci pour tout! J'ai vraiment hate de commencer le deuxieme niveau avec toi et toute la bande! 

Kind regards

Sarah D.