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Lord of the Rings’ is looking for real-life freaks to cast in new show

By Ben Cost


Calling all freaks.

Ugliness is no longer a death sentence for those looking it to make it in the movie industry. New Zealand talent agencies are specifically recruiting the aesthetically off-putting to star as trolls and other baddies in Amazon’s new “Lord of the Rings” TV series.

In a possible bid to save on makeup costs, “Activation Actors” is looking for “people with interesting faces and physicality’s [sic]” to star in an “original series based on ‘The Lord of the Rings,'” according to a Facebook ad posted in November by the Auckland-based agency.

Specifically, talent scouts are searching for “Character Faces (Earthy, Weathered, Dark Skin Tonnes [sic], Missing teeth, Wonderful Noses)” to play a variety of Middle Earth monstrosities, including grotesque goblins and ethereal elves. The agency added that it’s also in need of “Bearded Hairy Biker Men/Woman/Other” and androgynous-looking actors.

Another recruiter called for extras with “Bellies, Thick Set Arms, Stocky Legs” and “7[-foot-tall] people comfortable with their bodies,” as well as those under 4-foot-11. It’s an apt ask considering Tolkien’s creatures run the gamut from towering tree creatures to diminutive dwarves.

A grotesque-looking orc from “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.”New Line Cinema

The hairier the better, too. It’s optimal “if you have natural red hair, white hair or lots and lots of freckles,” said BGT Actors Models & Talent in a Facebook video.

Skin problems are also a plus. If you “look like a leather handbag or do have a gazillion wrinkles,” that would qualify you, too, BGT’s director Sarah Valentine told the Wall Street Journal.

Best of all, LOTR’s desired brand of ugliness doesn’t discriminate — all races and genders are invited to apply.

Apparently, some have already answered the unattractiveness call.

“I’ve got more than missing teeth, I’ve got none,” New Zealand truck driver Justin Smith told the Journal. “Basically I’m short, I’ve got red hair and I’ve got missing teeth.” Although he seems to meet the criteria, he says he is eagerly awaiting a callback after sending in pics of his dental anomaly.

The unorthodox ad also received a flurry of inquiries from social media’s unsightly sphere as well. “I’m 4 feet 6, but Southeast Asian face, can I apply?” asked one hopeful. “Wow, a job where my height and bushy brows would be valued. Sounds like heaps of fun,” added another prospect.

Amazon has been notoriously mum on details regarding its “The Lord of the Rings” TV series.