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Talent Booker required


The position of Booker at Background Talent is one of the most essential roles in the Company's ongoing function and ultimately holds a large responsibility towards the financial success of the Company on an ongoing basis. 

Confidence and the ability to operate autonomously are a must with this role.  Exceptional planning, analytical and tight time management skills and a sound knowledge of business will help provide structure to ensure your team is lead and driven like a well oiled machine.

The main responsibilities for this role include but are not limited to:

Full time role - 830am - 6pm Monday to Friday and must be available to clients on productions that you hold (this may include weekends)

Account and Booking Management

  • Read and reply to every email  the same day regardless of whether it can be dealt with fully so the client is aware you have seen their correspondence
  • Liaise with clients on a day to day basis in a polite and respective manner showing professionalism at all times
  • Action your emails from Casting Directors, Film Companies and Talent in a timely manner (within 1 – 2 hours of receiving brief etc from cient)
  • Action client holding box  emails immediately upon reciept of confirmation that a client is waiting for acceptance. 
  • Hold a Booking Meeting with your team once per week
  • Oversee each job ensuring that the correct way of booking is adhered to
  • Be responsible for all talent that you book onto jobs as well as overseeing the talent that are booked
  • Obtain sign-in sheets for your jobs and ensure they are invoiced in a timely manner.
  • Bring to the Director's attention on a weekly basis any issues regarding invoices that cannot be submitted to the client
  • Ensure all talent going for auditions have all details for role including scripts, maps, addresses, times and everything else required to carry out the audition
  • Provide all talent at the earliest opportunity all details of their jobs and ensure as far as your own skills and role dictate no miscommunication and a high level of accuracy
  • Identify key clients and persue at a high level of professionalism to ensure their requirements are met which should in turn lead to a healthy turnover of invoiced business
  • Keep client database up to date and make contact regularly
  • To relay to recruitment any suggestions and ideas as to how to recruit new and fresh talent which will ultimately benefit the Booking dept
  • To update the Booking Protocols Manual online as well as in paper format
  • To oversee and monitor any initiatives that the Director or Business Manager may implement with regards to the Booking Dept

 Booking Duties

  • Ensure weekly tasklist for you are checked and updated  accordingly so that your tasklists do not become too busy
  • To communicate directly with Director or Business Manager immediately any concerns that may have an impact on the business whether monetary or staffing issues.
  • Ensure your jobs are confirmed online or at least verbally before end of day. Calltimes should be confirmed and either the talent or booker does this.  If talent are not confirmed by time of leaving office then they should be replaced.
  • Must have a very flexible attitude and make your clients your number one priority.
  • Must be legally allowed to work in New Zealand. 


Salary - $35K - $45 
please email either OR with a cover letter of why you wish to work at BT and your current CV