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Yvonne Bennett - Extras Casting

In my various casting roles over the past 15 years, BGT Actors Models and Talent have been the  GO-TO agency for reliable and diverse talent. Reliability of talent is a huge concern in my job. If  talent do not show up for a 5.00AM call, a production can be compromised and delayed – which can add up to big money.


In addition to their excellent talent, the staff at BGT are available to help out – AROUND THE CLOCK – with urgent casting, speedy and suitable replacements or increases in talent number requirements.  Senior Booker and Talent Manager Scarlett Hindmarsh and her team always go WAY over and above their duties to ensure this is possible. I often feel guilty about what I ask of them, but they always come through for me.


It is Company Director Sarah Valentine who can be credited for keeping her talent in-line and maintaining their professional and enthusiastic attitude.  Sarah works very hard to get her talent work so they really strive to do a good job for HER. If anyone let her or her agency down, they rarely get a second chance.  That’s a good sign for casting people like me because you know that you’re choosing from realistic and willing options, not just a pretty face with no alarm clock.


The BGT website, exhaustively designed by Sarah Valentine herself and developed with the input of industry and I.T professionals is an entity to behold. For quick and reassuring talent booking it can’t be beat. Comparing it to the websites of many other agencies is like comparing a fax-machine to the latest i-phone. It is maintained and kept up to date by the clever and resourceful Jackie Kobin and it’s truly a credit and major asset to the agency.


Equally as important, once shooting is completed, is attention to follow-up of paperwork and billing. BGT’s Company Accountant Caroline Green a dream come true for people like me. Her invoicing practices and record keeping are second-to-none. She has more than once picked up my ‘human-errors’ and saved my bacon when it comes to accurate and clean invoicing practices and follow up. And she actually likes Excel! (WHAT?)


All in all, I cannot recommend BGT’s people and services more highly. I thank them and wish them well for all their future endeavours.


Yvonne Bennett

Casting Department

Pike River, Power Rangers Dino Charge, Power Rangers Megafore, Emperor, Mr Pip, Yogi Bear, Aliens in the Attic, 30 days of night, Ike to name a few