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Where to begin???!! Here's a few thoughts:
Getting a Background Talent job is a bit of an indulgence for me. Sure, the extra money is useful but, as we all say - don't give up your day job! But the opportunity to do something completely different - even a little crazy -  is just too much to resist. You head to the job with your bag of outfits with a little trepidation, not sure what you will be expected to do, who will be there or even where it exactly is.

 I have so many stories of different shoots that I could write a book! While some have been more memorable or interesting than others, I have enjoyed every single one without exception! My "extras" colleagues are an incredibly eclectic bunch and whether I am listening in or having a chat, they are always entertaining.

 And I have t he utmost respect for the production crews that I have worked with. I have generally found them hardworking, focussed and friendly. From make up to camera, catering to the ADs, I can see why overseas directors talk so highly about the professionalism and teamwork in the industry.

How else could I ski at Snow Planet in the middle of the night, run through AUT chased by "aliens", have a drink in the IV Bar, re-create a scene straight out of "Chariots of Fire" directed by a larger than life American famous for his Michael Jackson videos? Right now, I have a bus shelter Adshel 200M from my house with my larger than life picture on it. Now that's something not a lot of people can ever claim to have happen!

Thanks BGT for making it possible for me to be someone else once in a while - keep up the good work and keep those jobs coming!