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Recently I have been quite busy with my background work. I absolutely love it! I know it's suppose to be the best 2nd job, but for me it's my only job and so having had quite a bit of work this month has been great. Keep it coming!!

The reason for this email is to say that having been on set recently for a TV Commercial gave me an insight in the way people get chosen for certain roles. I was submitted as a (we have removed the character name due to confidentiality), which I didn't get, but was still picked as a supporter. Now in the past I would kind of take an unsuccessful submission almost personal. I'm not good enough...too old...too fat...too name it. ( I know...daft!!!) Now I can finally see that it's not personal, but really what is needed for the role...and unfortunately what I am/look like is of course not always what is being looked for. I realized that before of course, but was being perhaps a bit hard on myself. Seeing all the other women that were submitted for the original role, but ended up also as supporters...and seeing who they picked as the lead, I was happy. She was a good choice! She looked the part. Talking to Caroline and Amanda, who were both there, has helped too.

Anyway what I want to say is that you have one happy camper here. And message to myself and the universe: One day I will be the one that is just right for that special role. A voluptuous, good looking Dutch woman of 51! Looking forward to it! And in the mean time I am happy with whatever comes my way.

Have a lovely weekend