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Christine Mundell

Hi I'm Christine

I've worked on & off for BGT for a few years now and have never been sent to a job that I haven't enjoyed. I've always appreciated the difference between BGT and the other agencies. It must be so embarrassing to get to a shoot and not have the right gear to wear, I've witnessed extras from other agencies cringing as wardrobe staff complain about having to find clothes for them and berate their agency for sending them unprepared. I've always been told what style and season to bring and been reminded to take extra changes.

Living 'out in the sticks' broadband was a long time coming and not all of us are computer literate, but the office staff at BGT had great patience explaining the computer system and were always willing to help.

BGT have never failed to make sure their extras have contact 'phone numbers when sent on a job and it's reassuring to know that if there's a traffic jam on the Harbour Bridge the AD's can be prepared for last minute arrivals.

Keep up the good work Sarah and team and continue those initiative for cultivating jobs that flow onto us humble extras awaiting use!


Chris Mundell





Christine Mundell