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Francois-Rene du Toit

I joined BGT on a whim in March 2018, because I was out of work and needed something that would get myself out the door and into the world. After a bizarre introduction to the life of a film extra (which involved Jono and Ben nearly running me over) and over two years of being a happy vague blur in the background of numerous advertisements, television series and feature films, I am happy to say that joining BGT was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Being an extra is not for everyone. It can have long hours, weird call-times, absolutely everything is on short notice and overall it’s not a job you can grit your teeth through just for the money. You need to be able to enjoy it in order to do it regularly, so it’s a good thing that being part of BGT is definitely enjoyable. The agents are personable, friendly and helpful and I couldn’t ask for better people than my fellow BGT extras to share a green room or holding area with.

In short, BGT claims to supply the best second job in the world. They’re right.

Francois-Rene du Toit