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Robert Perham

I have been with BGT for almost 2 years and omg how famous am I (amongst family and friends anyway)

As of recent months I've had featured roles in Shortland Street, Online photos for a well known brand ( been on major movie sets ie Mahana, Abandoned and TVC(that's tv speak for television commercials ☺)  like The Mad Butcher, State Insurance and major television series like Brokenwood mysteries and Filthy Rich. These are a mere sample of the work I've done for BGT.

My favorite part of all of this though is meeting all the other talents and making some great friends whom you, at some stage along the way, will meet in other jobs and that's always fun especially on the big jobs that require 100-300 extras.

Which brings me to the final part of my testimony, the girls or bookers at BGT and Sarah who work their butts off to not only get us work but when you see them on set at some jobs OMG they really earn their keep, such wonderful girls. Great job girls and awesome team Sarah

Robert Perham